225x123 ♦ Two New Breakthrough Mastermind Groups for Conscious Entrepreneurs.


Are you passionate to create or transform and launch your Purposeful business into a Conscious, Million Dollar (or more) enterprise starting in 2013 and beyond? If so, one of my Mastermind groups is made for you. These Masterminds are intended to catapult your vision into reality! Along with outstanding business advice and feedback, they are purposefully Conscious and optimized by powerful group and individual Intentions.

 ♦ Each is open to a maximum of six people. Starting April 1, 2013

♦ Selection is via application and interview (I want to ensure greatest success for you and the collective.)

 1.Million Dollar Conscious Enterprise Creation in 2013 and Beyond

 This Mastermind’s members are a supportive mix of Conscious men and women. To fit here, You are a Conscious entrepreneur, with a powerful, purposeful idea or recently started business that you know will make a significant difference in the world, whether that be locally or globally. You are seeking intellectual and emotional support, ideas, inspiration, feedback—and accountability partners. You want to utilize the unequaled power of a Mastermind.

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2.→ Baby Boomer Women Creating Conscious Million Dollar Businesses

 This Mastermind’s members are empowered, Purposeful Boomer Women. You are a Conscious Woman, certainly not ready to retire—and instead, you’re on-fire to make a difference, to be on-purpose, while creating great prosperity with your powerful, change-making idea or recently started business. You are seeking intellectual and emotional support, ideas, inspiration—and accountability partners that are like-minded and understand the “no retire fire” that your kind of Boomer Women embody.

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Who Are You?

♦ You have a Purpose driven idea (or recently new venture) that will make a positive difference in the world in one or more ways—and your vision for it is BIG!

♦ You will have experienced both previous success—and yes, failure! (Character builders)

♦ You want the synergistic, energetic and creative support of like-minded Conscious entrepreneurs

♦ You want to be held accountable for your goals and hold others accountable for theirs.

♦ You want to be supportive of others in achieving success—and you have a lot to offer in experience, ideas, talents and more.

♦ You want to expand your sphere of influence and positive, Conscious Connections.556129_379733585381130_237626232925200_1329338_1918887926_n


About the Mastermind Groups:

 We will be starting them as soon as we enroll the minimum number of the right people. It is hoped that we will be starting by April 1st. Please forward link to anyone you believe would benefit and contribute from our group(s).

There is a monthly fee. Please ask. Affordable for most, offering extreme value.

 What You Will Receive:

 →2 meetings per month, scheduled to accommodate the greatest majority

→Feedback and support for your idea/business from up to 7 other entrepreneurs (including myself)

→Private Facebook group to interact with in between calls

→Occasional bonus calls

→When appropriate and available, videos, supporting documents, research, interviews and more.

→Outstanding support by a Conscious Mastermind! (see Napoleon Hill quote below)

 About Me:

       Murray Rally with Bill Clinton Oct 18 2010 017 “I help Conscious, Purpose driven entrepreneurs resurrect, redefine, reinvent, recreate, create and catapult their entrepreneurial missions so they can FINALLY be seen, heard and make their unique impact in the world, while creating wealth and great abundance for themselves and others!”


♦ I will bring to these empowering and educational Conscious Masterminds a wide variety of experiences, talents, skills and abilities. I am an Intuitive, Conscious, Truth Driven Leader, Strategist, Change-Catalyst, BIG CHANGES Coach, Entrepreneur, Big Picture Ideator/Visionary, Marketing and PR Consultant, Conscious Communications Wizard, Speaker/Emcee, Trust Builder, Activist, and Writer/Author. I have experience in Business and Marketing Planning, Business Management, Creating and Managing large Public Events, Hosting Internet Radio, Fundraising, Non-Profits and many other projects. I am also known for my innate ability to “see” all the moving parts—and how one or more things, ideas and people can be brought together to maximize a project. I also have an uncanny ability to recognize systems that are not working—and what needs to be fixed.

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Are you ready? Questions? Or to Request an application-Email me at: patty (@) thechangeteacher.com or call me now: 206 391 7707 PT

 A Mastermind, as defined by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

 “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony…. No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”